When The Weather’s Cold and Miserable Outside..

…it makes one’s mind wonder.

I’ve pondered a lot lately about where my future goes from here. During days like this I also try to keep myself busy in terms of learning new things and keeping existing knowledge fresh.

Last weekend I had a few quiet moments with the cats (which is a rarity now). Knuckles – the subject of my Youtube account – gets crazy with the catnip and I managed to catch it on video after he had a bit too much. The catnip had originally been meant for the three cats but he maintained a monopoly and his little brother Vinny could not get a look in.

There’s a craze right now on YouTube called the Harlem Shake and my daughter remarked on how the crazy cat could be doing his own version of the Harlem Shake when he’s under the catnip influence. So some practice at movie editing was born.

From 8 minutes of catnip heaven I was able to condense Knuckles’ experience into 30 seconds. The overall video lasts for 39 secs but it certainly did make us chuckle.

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