My Own Little ‘Velociraptor’

Still in keeping with my last blog entry, I had to log a very bizarre event from a couple of days ago.

As you can see from my profile, I am quite an animal lover and in particular, my three cats. It struck me that after this year all three cats will be older than me in cats years. The one who has my heart is of course the mama cat. This old girl will be a whopping 55 years of age after her birthday later this year.

She is the smallest of all 3 cats and had a litter of 3 kittens when she herself was still quite young. I had her neutered after that as she has always been an outdoor cat. But she is quite a little hunter and I always took it for granted that her gentleness with me extended to everyone else with four legs.

I know that she has my heart but I never really appreciated just how much she loves me until the other day. On one of the rare occasions in the UK we were experiencing a lovely sunny Spring day last week. I was out in the garden tidying up some winter shrubs and true to form, my old mama cat was right next to me, keeping me company. At the bottom of my garden I suddenly hear a great commotion of male cats preparing to fight. I get worried for one of my other cats (the one in my profile photo) because he tends to be a bit of a wet lettuce and always gets beaten up. So I slowly wander down the garden to where the fight was about to take place. When I was nearly upon the male cats I see the other cowardly kitty shoot past me, away from the fight and over the fence. He didn’t even look back to see if I was going to be ok.

But then, similar to the dragon “Toothless” in the ‘How to train a dragon’ cartoon, I suddenly see something shoot at top speed right past me and straight into the fight! It was my mama cat and boy, was she angry. Her build was somewhat smaller than the other two tom-cats but the ferocity with which she saw them out of the garden was frightening!!! In less than 5 seconds both male cats shot out of the garden and away from my tiny little cat’s psycho-kitty rage fest.

When they had gone, her fur returned to normal and only when she was certain that they were not going to return, did she turn and walked back to me meowing so cutely, like nothing had happened. I was humbled to see how much she defended and protected me.

So today, while my other little human offspring was upstairs feeling poorly, I have dedicated this blog entry to Coco, my velociraptor cat.

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