Getting a Little Serious With My Brand

I have about 2 more days before being submerged again into work and I thought about changing the look of my social media presence online.

Since its inception I have fondly used a profile image of one of my cats on pretty much everything that I do online. The YouTube account, this blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook have all got this old cat of mine. But as I am witnessing a change in how I interact online I felt as though it was also time to update my profile image to something a little more serious (which is a tad difficult for me at the best of times).

Given that my intros for my video tutorials consist of an acronym for Showshannah’s Little Space, I have been tinkering around with GIMP to produce something that will tie each product I make together.

My first version looks like this:


Whilst I don’t mind how it looks overall my next task is to test it on my twitter account to see how it looks on the various devices that I use.

If it works, then this will unfortunately be the end of 5 years of using my cherished cowardly Tom Cat as my web presence. Over the next few days I shall test out the image on the various websites. So far I will need to adjust the logo for the instagram account and so will need to check the other accounts out over time.

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