New Profile Pic–RIP Profile Kitty for SLS

So it has taken me two months before finally getting into a position to upload the final profile pictures for my social media presence. *Face palms*

Since my previous blog about the acronym look for my profile picture, I still had to edit the original picture so that it was clear across all platforms.

image With the exception of those social media accounts where the profile picture is circular, my You Tube screen pretty much demonstrates the new profile image.

A bit of a heads-up – although the social media platforms are getting a little more user friendly in terms of changing one’s profile, it was still necessary for me to search for the correct dimensions for each different company which seemed to change year to year with some of them.

Another hic cup for me was when I tested the new look using smaller, smart devices like my phone. Again, whilst it’s not exactly to my (rather fussy) tastes, it seems to do what it needs to do.

Finally, my moody little tom cat can take his online retirement and no longer be the face of Showshannahs Little Space.

Will kind of miss the little guy online…..

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