Oh Woe is me!!! But At Least I Add Another Blog Entry

So, as quickly as I created an account to enter into the National Novel Writing Month, I slept on it last night and then decided to delete the account this morning!

I know that I will regret this but the reasons are as follows:

  1. Can I really devote as many hours to this for the next 4 weeks even when I get called out to work? I realised that while it is great right now (that I am on call for work), I really would not have the time to do anything when I am eventually at work itself. I am still completing a course that I’ve paid for and a colleague friend has asked for some input into solving a coursework problem. After spending the morning on that – and with only a couple of hours to go before getting my little child, I “bottled it” and clicked on the delete button to delete the account.
  2.  I am officially a chicken – the thought of being accountable to other struggling writers and then have them see me peter off and fail is clearly greater for me right now than to attempt this month and pass
  3. I re-read what I had written already and thought that the story was really not that good. Again, I know that I may get up tomorrow and read the same script again but decide it is actually worth pursuing, but yesterday when I was reading it in order to create a synopsis, I found that I didn’t like the story anymore.
So with all the said points above, it looks like it may (or may not) be another year before I can commit to what truly looks to be a really good project.
I shall now continue to finish painting my yellow chicken outfit…

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