Death of Google+ Death of my Profile…. WAHHHHH!

If you are anything like me then you will only now have noticed that your Google+ profile description has disappeared from the Blogger user profile.

Just had to quickly put something together while I was doing a little housekeeping on my Blog.

When you are in the bubble which is work-life-unbalance of a full time teacher, you note, through the haze of sleep, the numerous email warnings that Google provided regarding the death of Google+. I had loads but did not think it would have affected me so much because of the fact that I hardly used the platform.

It was only after I boosted my presence on Twitter that I remembered, “Oh gee! I haven’t posted to my blog for AGES!” and promptly took a look at my blog.

That’s when the shock hit me, my profile had disappeared! The offline job meant that it has taken me until 4 days into the Easter break, before I could update my blog…. to my shame!

So, this very short blog is to warn other bloggers that are on to check your profile out especially if you were previously linked to Google+.

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