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I’m Not Here, I’m at the Shops!

Today signified another contract ending and me going to a new contract in a couple of weeks. I am very humbled that as I look back over the past year, I have been blessed with continuous work when others have had to battle with knowing whether or not they will be able to earn an income let alone being able to have another job to jump to.

With the next contract I had resolved that this next employment will be the final one where I will be working for someone else. So long as I discipline myself to start to actually build my internet presence then I should – in theory – have more time set aside to complete my book, get the animation project going and update this blog on a regular basis.

On the animation and book cover front, I managed to get in touch with a family member who is a talented artist with a view to obtaining a quote for her to do my artwork and am looking forward to seeing how she progresses with her style.

Today I took another leap of faith by purchasing my own domain name and finally being known online as showshannahslsp.com but what a faff at the expense of trying to save some pennies. I had initially clicked onto the wrong button and ended up creating an additional site which had the term ‘dotcom’ at the end of my name. I muttered under my breath in frustration and then proceeded to spend the next few minutes trying to work out how to undo what I’d done.

When I had eventually managed to work out how not to be billed for £84 my two wonderful offspring chose to buddy up and tag team me by taking turns talking to me just at the point when I was setting up the website again.

But again, thanks be to God I got to the point where not only am I no longer a “wordpress.com” website but I’ve managed to add to this blog.

So the moral of this story is make sure when you’re setting up your domain name on Word Press that you lock yourself in the closet with your laptop and tell your kids that you’ve gone out to the shops.