The Start of A New Era

Wow! I’m finally going down the route of having a proper blog online. This has been years coming, I value my privacy but at the same time have an ego big enough to share just about most things online. So why am I starting this blog, you may ask?… In part it will be a platform for me to post items of news that may affect others who are in a similar circumstance as my own. In another part it is an opportunity for me to learn from my permanent previous mistakes when I look back on what I’ve written. There will be a degree of formality as I share some software design tips, mixed with an air of stupidity as I share my crazy life. Here will be a public showcase of what I can achieve when I apply myself (which is not very often, but a gem when I do). I have called my blog “The Talking Pet” as a platform to maintain relative anonymity. My poor pet cat is plastered all over the internet and now his image will also be attached to a blog. But hey! At least he’ll be famous *smiles*

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