Growing Up!

My youngest child will be two in a couple of weeks time and he is just so amazing!

When I had “H” ten years ago I thanked the Lord so many days but I couldn’t imagine sharing the love that I had for her. But along came “A” and for the first time I had a glimpse of how our Heavenly Father can equally lavish His love on ALL His children. I was able to split that level of love equally to both children but in the same measure!

So little “A” had one of his first social meetings. He met a new friend called Cooper. Cooper is 3 years old and was like a big brother to “A”. Initially he didn’t know how to take Cooper and he would run away from him each time little Cooper would come near. But by the afternoon, “A” was chasing him shouting “Baby!” in his little attempt to grab Coop’s attention.

I have never seen my son so exhausted after such a fun day. It was truly a gift from the Lord to witness.

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