That Book and Animated Series…

I’ve been a bit “coy” about what’s been placed on my heart since giving birth two years ago but it seems as though things are moving forward. So let me back track a little.

Around the time that I started this blog, I was talking with my daughter about how much of a shame it is to not see any children’s shows which were not about vampires, witches and warlocks. She loves the anime style cartoons but gets tired of seeing the same old storyline. So what was birthed was the idea that while I was off work I would create an animated series called, “Children of God”. Since that time, I’ve been picking it up, putting it down, giving up on it, then going full circle and picking it up again.

Fast forward to now, and I pretty much have all that I need to build this project. I’m currently learning how to use some open source software called “Synfig Studio” and I am writing the story. The only thing I haven’t got is non-contact-with-the-kids’ time. My youngest wakes up when I get up and my daughter wants to stay up as long as I do. Being a single mom means that come the evening when things finally become quiet, it’s usually when both kids are asleep and then I find myself knocked out too!

When I go back to my university days I remember learning software in the computer labs on campus with nothing but my headphones and a supply of crisps. I would have a solid 3 hours of undisturbed immersion into the functions of the software. Alas, those days are in the past now and it’s those little 15 mins here and there to catch some time writing and learning.

It’s a challenge but it is also exciting to see things beginning to come together.

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