Another Year Older…

I was dreading today but in a kind of nice way as opposed to really dreading it.

Not because it was the day that my youngest turned two but just the fact that I had to turn into a hostess and entertain family members who came over to celebrate with us. Now you give me a challenge such as deliver a lesson on an introduction into HTML coding with minimal notice and I can get right down to it without any trouble what so ever. But host a toddler celebration with family where I’d be simultaneously cooking, laying out food, chatting and serving drinks – well that’s a whole kettle of fish all together. The last time I hosted a family do, my food ended up half cooked or over done and I had to order a Chinese as a plan B.


It turned out to be fantastic and I could have eaten my hat! Everyone had a fab time just hanging out and it was very relaxed. “A” enjoyed being the centre of attention and if you could have seen his face when we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him, it would have been difficult to have not smiled.

So my little man, was beyond tired when he went to bed earlier this evening. Praise the Lord!

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