2014 – Yet Another New Year!!

Praise God I am so happy about entering a New Year. I can only give Him the glory because I feel at long last as though things are coming together for our little family unit.

One limitation with this blog is that I am back at work. I’m trying to find a medium where I can update all the accounts I have online without losing any sleep but thus far, I’ve not yet found it.

Plans for this year:

– To get moving with some tutorial videos. I’ve recorded a few to do with some blips I’ve found using Adobe CS6 Fireworks when creating a navigation bar. I’m sure others have pulled their hair out as many times as I have and so I’m hoping these videos will help the beginner user.

– Remember to use this blog to log all that I can even if it is once a week. The storybook (whilst on a back burner) is still on my mind to do. The animation series based upon the story is very much heavy on my mind to do. Patience is the key thing here and I need to continue to set things up to allow for it all to come together.

So, this is my first blog entry for 2014 – may it be the first of many.

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