Every Little Helps…

So to coin a phrase from a well known supermarket, I woke up this morning to this phrase.

After a little quiet time with my Heavenly Father I went through the usual routine of reading my daily devotional. For this year I’m following Joyce Meyers’ Promises for Your Everyday Life – A Daily Devotional. It’s a year long devotional and I must say is really spot on for those things to meditate and think on during one’s hectic day.

To be truthful after the way I felt yesterday morning I was beating myself up at my lack of action concerning how others are suffering in the world. But I still did my little bit not really appreciating that by doing something I have actually done something.

This was what bascially the above devotional reading was about this morning.

I don’t think we have been placed on this planet to carry on and not consider others at some point. Even if it’s a small thing that we do for that person on the bus or something bigger, we are making a difference in another person’s life…. in our own little way.

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