Inspired By Our Youth

So my six weeks are now over and I am glad that I was able to do more this year than in previous years. I was able to get some very much needed DIY done, as well as increase my twitter following significantly. Plus I was able to update this blog – I reckon I’ve broken a world record by having at least more than one entry for just one month! 🙂

The biggest highlight this month was discovering just how talented our young people are especially in the more modern methods of marketing such as Social Media.

I cannot put into words just how impressed I am with the following video made by a fellow You Tuber, whose channel is known as Bumblebee Broadcasts. This channel is made by a talented young person who makes use of video special effects in her videos as well as sharing what it’s like to be a young person in the UK, sharing things such as professional beauty tips days out etc.

The purpose of my post however is a video that was made by this channel, where she simultaneously makes use of splitting her screen so that it looks as though her alter-ego is fighting and then dancing with herself.

I have seen this done in Blender but to actually witness it in such an artistic way was impressive.

So a big thumbsup from this humble little Computing Mum for a well made video

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