Intro for Showshannah’s Little Space

Things haven’t been too brilliant in terms of my little one. He’s been such a tough guy recovering from an operation which didn’t go as well but praise God he is much much better and back to his wrecking things routine again.

I’ve had to take a week off work due to a bereavement taking mum overseas but in a way things have worked out well.

While my little precious was asleep a couple of days ago, I was able to check out some of the Blender tutorials on You Tube. One is by a channel called Tutor4U. It is an easy to follow set of tutorials and as a result I was able to produce a quick intro for anything that I get the chance to showcase on here and on my You tube Channel.

The music for the intro was courtesy of “Music by Longzijun” who has made some of his compositions available for people to use on their YouTube channels. I’m hoping to acknowledge his website and You Tube channel when I get to upload some videos.

So the video was made using Blender 2.71. Originally I had created the full “Showshannahs Little Space” text to dissolve on screen but it resulted in my CPU overheating and the laptop crashing whenever I rendered the footage. Soooo, plan B was to use an acronym of my channel name – S.L.S. In order to edit the movie I had to download VLC Media Player which has the facility to convert OGG files into an MP4 format. This in turn allowed me to import the said animation into any video editing software. I used Magic Movie Edit Pro 15 to put the animation together

I finally reversed the footage and placed it back to back with a copied file and voila! We have my intro. Look out for my intro when I upload videos to my YouTube Channel!

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