The Pain in the Head

Well, folks I have reached that stage in my life where I get the dreaded ‘Perimenopausal Migraines’. I am two days into recovery which has meant that I have had to be off those things which exacerbates the symptoms and – you’ve guessed it – being in front of a computer screen does not help things at all.

This article highlights the fact that for some women in their late 40’s, experiencing migraines is the added inconvenience of entering menopause. Triggers such as hormonal changes in the month, a lack of sleep, stress, coffee/other substances with high caffeine, plus certain foods can bring on the migraines.

So of course, during this Half Term break from my day job and in celebration of not being in the classroom, I decided earlier this week to go on my drink coca cola/coffee/stay up late watching DVDs binge. Oh silly, silly child……by Tuesday I was begging my kids to not shout/argue/scream/yell while I wallowed in self pity with the mother of all headaches as my very close buddy.

End result – two days left of Half Term and only one entry on this blog.

So what have I learnt from all this?

To make sure I cram all my blog entries earlier in the week and BEFORE I go crazy with the coffee..

Something tells me this may not work….

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