New Year, New Feel, New Approach

A belated Happy New Year to all who read this blog. I have had a few internet issues around the Christmas period and just when I was hoping to update this blog I was not able to log in, and then unfortunately I had to get back into the hectic day to day life of being a teacher and single parent.

The important thing though, was that over Christmas, I was able to rest and reduce my blood pressure levels to a point where my doctor has signed me fit for work. I am so pleased about that.

We are fast approaching week 2 of our Spring Term. I have had to do a phased return which has also helped me to monitor my blood pressure levels, but – more importantly – enabled me to get into the mindset of getting my social media life in its correct pecking order around my faith, the kids, pets and the day time job.

So although I do not normally make any New Year resolutions I am going to make just one for 2016 and that is to place my health above everything else. One of the ways of achieving this (besides my as of yet, non-existant run in the park every weekend) will be to take a more committed approach to keeping the blog going with tutorial videos that I am going to have to make anyway due to my line of work offline.

This post is also a trial run of a software called Open Live Writer. I saw a review of it today in a magazine that I bought. So far I am liking the fact that I can write this blog entry without being connected to the internet. So the software is right up my street in terms of being able to do all my “bloggy” kind fo stuff such as uploading my videos and animations but I can do this all offline. When I was unable to get online a couple of weeks ago this was the main headache that I had as I was not able to log my thoughts with a view to being able to eventually get back online and send the views off. Now, when I do eventually go onto the internet, I am able to update the blog with my ramblings for the last couple of days or even weeks which should hopefully see more activity for me writing on my blog.

imageAnother added bonus appears to be the fact that I can save each blog entry on my computer ready to update further at another time similar to this screen shot.

The GUI is also very user friendly and has adopted a similar format for Microsoft Word which I particularly like.

So for me this is going to be a New direction and hopefully a New opportunity to beat my 2015 blog entry record of a whopping 10 posts  Smile .

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