I give Up!!!!

In terms of being a Windows 7 die-hard fan, that is.

I have very humbly submitted to the pressures of the Windows 10 upgrade prompts after having significant problems with my laptop since my last blog entry.

I went on quite an interesting journey of full system formats and disk cleans, a hard disk drive dying, re-installing Windows 7 and then not being able to update since the beginning of this year.

Admittedly some websites including the support forum at Microsoft had wondered whether it was because quite a few of us were just plain happy with Windows 7 and did not necessarily want to change to another operating system. For me personally, it took me a while to get to know Windows 98 and XP and as was always the case, as soon as I was familiar with each system I then had to upgrade. So the prospect of doing it yet again did not appeal to me.

Well, last night saw the last straw, I had spent the whole day pretty much waiting for a Windows 7 system update, had tried pretty much all the remedial tasks that Microsoft recommended you do in the event that your updates are not working or taking too long, but to no avail.

Eventually I quite literally exclaimed the title of this blog entry and stayed up so that I could install Windows 10.

I must admit that I am impressed and as some bloggers have pointed out it looks on the face of it as though they have taken the best of both Windows 7 and 8.1 and combine it into a very user friendly interface.

My only biggest reservation stems from privacy – this is really the one where Microsoft needs a bit of a smack on the wrist but in their defense they are no different to Google in terms of harvesting personal information from your computer. As best as I feasibly can, I will just limit how much I put out there of myself and my family.

So overall a thumbsup from me in terms of Windows 10. Whilst they have indeed forced me to upgrade due to how frustrating Windows 8.1 and 7 updates have been since January, I do actually like the fact that I can get on and do what I need to do on my old laptop.

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