God of Glory In Memory of Dad

On the 24th March 2017, my life forever changed with the loss of my dad. Last week we celebrated his life and put him finally to rest.

Words cannot describe what it is like to lose a parent and my heart and prayers goes out to each person who has to go through this. But I honor our God and Father who – in line with Ps 34:18 – drew my heart close to His and gave (and is still giving) me peace and comfort.

One of the things I struggled with as I witnessed my dad slowly slip away was the fact that he had always denied God. Over the years we would talk about it but he would always refuse to accept Christ. In the recent years that followed – and during his lucid moments – I recall having chats with him about the fact that even in his last few minutes he could repent and accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

Through God’s grace I was able to make it to his bedside and in his last few minutes was able to witness him make this final choice. On doing so his pain went, he shed one last tear for his wife, kids and step children and he finally and peacefully gave up his spirit.

Though I will never know until resurrection what Dad’s choice was, I have been given a peace beyond all understanding whenever my heart lingers on this question, along with the verse which says ” Nothing is impossible with God”. I was also given John 11:25 – 27 and I therefore believe God that I will once again see Dad when the time is right.

To God be the glory, Amen.

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