Yep, She’s Back!

After quite a year I am finally back to writing or at the very least noting something down in this blog. Needless to say the lady is back.

Since my last entry, I would be lying if I was to say that I have fully recovered from the death of my dad. I have discovered that bereavement is a passage in life, a change, an evolution of one’s self – it is certainly one that a person adapts to and then moves on. I have recently had the fortune of seeking help from a charity called Cruse Bereavement Care which was able to reassure me that, “Hey! You lost someone really close to you! It’s natural to have really positive days but also to crash and burn”

I ploughed myself back into my work after dad had immediately died and did not allow myself to grieve fully. Weeks turned into months and it took me until September, right smack in the middle of a new job before his death hit me like a juggernaut truck. The end result was the unfortunate loss of the job. I’ve also learnt that employers or rather some employers cannot afford to help an employee through the death of a relative,but hey ho! It enabled me to take a knee, to regroup and to reevaluate what I needed in my life right now. My focus went back to Calvary and I was able to stand again.

Through God’s Grace He has carried me through – the one constant that I could definitely rely on was the fact that with God, whether I was in that job or unemployed or doing supply teaching which is where I am at now….. He is God and He has never left nor forsaken me. I have been blessed with a bit of time where I have started a course, where I was able to rethink some animation software which looks more user friendly to use, to also return to writing my book. He has sufficiently provided to enable me to get right with Him and to just breathe.

Before I move onto another Blog entry linked to the book, I felt it important to touch base with that reality which has helped me to pick myself up, dust myself off and eagerly pursue the new direction that I have been placed on.

When you go through losing a loved one, don’t be afraid if you have those down days. The adjustment of loss does not snap back after a few months or weeks or days, but instead is just that – an adjustment. Just make sure that you do not leave God out of the equation because He is certainly right by your side during this time.

So give yourself that time to adapt.

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