"I thought this was about a game"

I am so pleased to be writing my first blog entry for 2018! WooHoo! Let it be a sign of things to come.

Work has been a tad bit lighter this week with it being the first week back for most schools and so I’ve taken advantage of being able to update some things on the work front, as well as researching into business startup (such a nightmare but as they say ‘knowledge is power’ ).

Earlier this week (Monday 8th January to be exact), my daughter was off school and true to form we had a little bit of Mummy-Daughter time which involved her with her headphones on, sat right next door to me on the keyboards. Whenever I would ask her anything I would get a “teenagey” response of “huh?” But it was cute nonetheless and a pleasant change from me yelling, “get out of bed” from the bottom of my stairs.

Whilst having this time, I was very poorly multi tasking and ended up getting distracted by a video by YouTuber JasonA just really relating to both the positive and negative impact social media can have on our young. In particular part of the video was about an incident which occurred on the 8th January 2009 and which catapulted a Sports Personality into the public eye and beyond. It was this part of the video which caught my eye the most and which inpsired me to have what he said as the title of my blog entry.

To paraphrase it a little – Tim was playing a match on 8th January 2009 when he painted the Bible verse John 3:16 under his eyes. He went on to explain that after the match his PR manager contacted him and mentioned about how on the 8th January, 94 million people had googled John 3:16 as a result of what he considered an act done primarily for himself. Tim went on to explain that after that year, he pursued his footballing career and the incident fell from media eyes. About 3 years later to the day, he had another match. He explained that his focus was moreso on the match and not on the verse itself. He played the match and was getting ready for a press conference when his PR Manager stopped him and explain the following:

  • During the match he threw a 316 yd throw
  • the Yards per rush for the match was 3.16
  • the Yards per completion was 31.6
  • His time of possession was 31.6
  • the overall ratings for the match was 31.6

In spite of him not writing John 3:16 under his eyes nor making any reference to it,it yet again brought focus to what a mighty God we serve.

Tim explained that he “thought that night was just about a game” which totally blessed me beyond so many words.

The end of the interview saw him explain that all of us need to have a foundation in something bigger than ourselves and that God is so much bigger and can take things to do so much more.

Sometimes, when we do our day to day things, we can lose sight of our purpose on this earth during the time that the Lord has placed us here. And yet it doesn’t stop the Lord from continuing to take care of those He loves.

But when our foundation is firmly rooted in Him, bigger and better things are thrust into being in order to help others and make a difference, irrespective of the digital medium we use.

This has moved me so much that it just had to be my first blog entry for 2018, without a shadow of a doubt!

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