When you have time on your hands…

Very short blog entry today. My son woke today with the most horrendous cough and looked so poorly that I decided to leave him off school. The storms had kept us all awake last night and running on a total of 3 hours sleep, plus the school run did not appeal to me at all today. Instead, I thought that I would take a moment today to do a little housekeeping with my social media presence.

For quite some time my profile background image on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and You Tube had what looks now to be a dated back drop. My online handle of “Showshannah’s Little Space” written in a fancy font looks so out of place and so I thought it good to get to grips with GIMP and create a new logo to sit in the centre of the profile image background.

The new look is below:

Screen shot of profile background

I’m just going to test out the new look using different devices but aside from maybe tweaking the colour of the logo/name to match the colour of the ribbons, I am quite pleased with the final result.

I wish I could take the credit for the new look but it was my teen daughter who suggested the modification.

And since she is exceeding her predicted grade for Art and Design, and I can’t draw for toffee, I thought it wise to heed her advice and try out something new.

So voila, a new feel to my web presence for 2018.

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